Plum Grove Village


The Plum Grove Village Historic District, located about six miles north-west of Princeton, Illinois in Putnam County, is a small village founded in the mid-19th Century that was home to some 50 Amish families who came from Iowa and South Dakota. Construction on the village began in 1856 and it was incorporated as Plum Grove Village in 1879. As one of the earliest settlements established by German immigrants outside of Germany and as a result there are relatively few other villages with similar characteristics. This guide contains everything you need to know about Plum Grove Village including site layout, history, interesting facts, nearby attractions, lodging options, restaurants and more.


Site layout

Plum Grove Village is located in Putnam County, Illinois, approximately six miles north-west of Princeton. The village is situated on a hillside. There are two entrances to Plum Grove Village, one at either end of the village.


History of Plum Grove Village, Illinois

Plum Grove Village, Illinois was founded in 1856; however, the Amish first began settling in the area some 30 years prior in the 18th Century. The Amish first came to Plum Grove Village in the mid-18th Century from Switzerland and Germany. The Amish came to Illinois because of the fertile soil and abundant rainfall found in the Central Illinois area. The village of Plum Grove Village was founded in 1856 by Amish immigrants from Iowa and South Dakota. The settlers were attracted to the area in part because of its proximity to the Mississippi River and railroads. At its peak in the mid-19th Century, the village was home to approximately 50 Amish families. Today, there are only a handful of Amish families who live in Plum Grove Village. The many historic buildings and structures that make up the village are reminders of the lives and times of the early Amish settlers. Next post


Facts about Plum Grove Village, Illinois

- The name of Plum Grove Village is a combination of the two Iowa towns where many of the settlers came from - Plummer and Grangeville. - Plum Grove Village was a farming village that primarily grew corn and other types of vegetables. - The Amish are a Christian sect of Mennonite and Anabaptist ancestry who are pacifists. The Amish do not use electricity, automobiles, telephones, computers, or certain types of machinery such as lawn mowers. - The oldest building in Plum Grove Village is probably the St. John’s Lutheran Church located on 4th Street. It was constructed in 1856. - The most photographed building in Plum Grove Village is undoubtedly the Miller’s Mercantile Store Building located at the intersection of 5th and Main Streets. The Miller’s Mercantile Store was constructed in 1856 and is the oldest building in Plum Grove Village. - Plum Grove Village’s Miller’s Mercantile Store Building is notable in that it is the only building in the district that is still operated as a business. The store’s owners are the Amish descendants of the original settlers of Plum Grove Village. - The main road that passes through Plum Grove Village is 6th Street. - Plum Grove Village is in the United States’s largest Amish settlement area.


Final thoughts

Plum Grove Village is an interesting and unique place to visit. The village’s history as a farming village is reflected in the various buildings and structures that are still standing today. The Miller’s Mercantile Store Building, the oldest building in Plum Grove Village, is notable in that it is the only building in the district that is still operated as a business. More here

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