Sterne's Woods & Fen

The unique forest that lies within the borders of Crystal Lake is what makes it such a magical place. If you’re interested in exploring these woods, you have many options available to you in and around Crystal Lake. Here are the things to do near Sterne’s Woods & Fen in Crystal Lake, located at 5617 Hillside Rd, Crystal Lake, IL 60012.. More

The forest’s crooked trees and winding footpaths make it ideal for a variety of hiking activities. There are numerous trails in the forest, including a 4.5-mile loop that goes around most of the forest. You can also find trails that lead to secluded waterfalls and springs. Choose a trail that fits your skill level and preference, and bring water, a snack, and your sunscreen. There are also maps available for hikers to help them navigate their way through the forest.

There are a few campsites in the forest with picnic tables and fire rings nearby. If you’re interested in camping in Sterne’s Woods, you can find at least one campground listed on the State of Illinois’s website. If you prefer more privacy and have your own transportation, you can also choose to camp in the forest. However, there are certain rules that apply if you decide to do so, including a limit of two people per site.

There are many small streams in the forest that flow into the nearby Des Plaines River. If you’re interested in fishing in the forest, ask at the forest’s ranger station for a copy of the fishing regulations. Then, find a secluded area that you like and tie your line to a tree. Try fishing for smallmouth bass, pike, or pickerel. You can also try fishing for trout in the larger rivers. Just be sure to follow the Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ fishing regulations.

Biking Trails
There are several bicycle trails in the forest that lead through the forest and connect it to neighboring towns. The Crystal Lake State Trail is the longest and goes from Chicago to the southern end of the state, linking Illinois to Missouri. The trail has numerous bike rental stations along its route. If you decide to bike in the forest, wear sturdy shoes to protect your feet from thorns and branches.

Ice Skating
The frozen Des Plaines River makes for great ice skating in the winter. If you love to skate, you can find a number of rinks around the town, including the one at the Crystal Lake Public Library. If you don’t have a pair of skates, you can rent them at the public library or the Crystal Lake Park District’s indoor skate park.

Museum Visit
The Crystal Lake Museum is an excellent option if you’re interested in learning more about the area. The museum has a number of special events throughout the year, such as a German-themed Oktoberfest and a First Day of Fall Festival. The museum also holds a monthly natural history program that focuses on animals and plants in the area. There’s also an active children’s section with activities such as face painting and games. Browse next article 

Winery Tasting
If you’re interested in tasting local wines, the Crystal Lake Winery is an excellent option. The winery has a large picnic area near the river and offers winery tours to visitors who purchase food and drink. You can also buy wine and cheese from the winery. The winery also has hiking trails that lead to secluded waterfalls that are great for picnics.

Theatre Visit
The village of Crystal Lake also has a theatre that hosts a variety of live performances throughout the year. During the summer, there are free outdoor performances that anyone can attend. You can also attend a variety of other performances, such as plays, concerts, and upbeat concerts.

Fine Arts Event
The Lake Forest College – Crystal Lake Campus is located near Sterne’s Woods, offering more than 60 degree programs to students interested in learning more about a variety of topics. There are a number of events hosted by the college at the local Crystal Lake community center. These include dances, musical performances, and talks about different topics.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to clear your mind or a fun place to spend time with family, Sterne’s Woods & Fen is a great option in Crystal Lake. The forest is filled with both natural and man-made beauty, and there are a wide variety of things to do nearby, including hiking, camping, fishing, biking, ice skating, and winery tasting.

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