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Insurance claim assistance

The process of applying for and filing an insurance claim might be overwhelming and frustrating for some. The language used in insurance policies can often be difficult to understand, leaving policyholders unsure of what they are entitled to, or how to go about making a claim. With Barrington Roof Doctors, Inc. on your side, we take away the stress of wondering how and when to file an insurance claim. We walk you through the entire process step by step.

Will insurance cover storm damage roof repairs?

If your house is affected by storm damage or other damage, you might be uncertain about whether your roof insurance policy covers it. We have good news for you. Typically, when it comes to damage caused by hail and wind, the insurance claim is accepted, and the expenses of repairing or replacing the roof are taken care of minus your deductible. Keep in mind all policies are different but this is the scenario we find most often.

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What to expect

Our team will first inspect and fully document your roof damage. You'll need this information when you talk to your insurance company. When you hire Barrington Roof Doctors, Inc., we become your personal representative. This means our roofing contractor will meet directly with the insurance adjuster on your behalf. The insurance adjuster will look at and confirm the damages and send them back to the insurance company. Then, your insurance company will decide if your claim is approved or not. Once your claim is approved, we'll meet again to choose your roof color and order materials.

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Call Barrington Roof Doctors, Inc. today at 847-404-9801. Our team has experience with insurance companies and how to ensure you receive the maximum coverage possible. Our belief is that the insurance claim process should not be overwhelming for homeowners and we are here to help with that.

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