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Cedar Preservation Specialists

The weather affects all roofs in various ways. Your cedar shake roof may begin to show signs of wear after around five years of exposure to the elements. After this time, you’re likely to see signs of cedar shake and shingle damage. Some of the common signs include curling, splitting, and cupping. You may also notice mold and mildew growth in shaded parts of the roof. Ignoring the damage will ruin the roof’s aesthetic appeal and shorten its lifespan.

Cedar preservation prevents these problems. Barrington Roof Doctors, Inc., is a cedar roof preservation expert you can count on to keep your roof in good shape. Our process will help you avoid unnecessary roof repair and roof replacement. Call us today to book an inspection.

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Transform Your Cedar Wood Roof with Preservation

We recommend cedar preservation every 18 months to keep your cedar roof looking good. All cedar roofs don’t weather at the same rate, but in our experience, all cedar roofs will benefit from early preservation. Some of the benefits of preserving your cedar roof include the following:

  • You can increase your no-leak warranty
  • Your roof will last up to 50 years or more
  • Your property will retain its curb appeal
  • The weather will have a highly reduced impact on the roof

Our Cedar Roof Preservation Process

At Barrington Roof Doctors, Inc., we follow a tested and trusted preservation process on all cedar shingle roofs. Here’s what we do:

  • We clean all debris from the roof
  • We replace all damaged shingles and shakes
  • We refasten the loose shakes and shingles
  • We apply rust-preventive primer around your valleys
  • We check the caulking around the chimney flashing and skylights to prevent leaks
  • We protect the landscaping
  • We apply the cedar preservatives

Professional Cedar Preservation You Can Trust

Don’t have a new roof installed. Barrington Roof Doctors, Inc., is a cedar roof preservation and maintenance contractor in Barrington, IL. We have over ten years of experience in cedar roof preservation. We’re proud to serve our neighbors in North Barrington, Inverness, Barrington Hills, Long Grove, Kildeer, Lake Barrington, Glenview, and Wilmette. Call Barrington Roof Doctors, Inc., today at (847) 404-9801 to book a free inspection for cedar preservation services on your roof.

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