Carpentersville is a village in Kane County, Illinois. The population was 37,983 at the 2020 census. The community is located in suburban Chicago. Its median household income is $64,050. It is home to several prominent universities, including North Central Illinois University. There are also a number of nonprofit organizations in the community. More

While Carpentersville IL has a high median home price of $240,000, there are also some homes that are priced significantly lower. These homes typically spend about 39 days on the market. Most of these homes are located in the north and northeast regions of the city. However, if you are looking for an affordable home, look in the south.

Carpentersville, IL is a community that is a mix of history and modernity. The town's history can be traced to the mid-18th century. In 1837, the town was settled by Charles and Daniel Carpenter. Their son, Angelo, later purchased a dam and converted it into a mill. Carpentersville's growing manufacturing industry attracted new immigrants. Those immigrants needed work and they found it in Carpentersville. Carpentersville was able to provide for them and build a church and cultural center.

Carpentersville is located in Kane County, Illinois. It has a population of 17424, according to the census. It is one of the 28 cities in Kane County and is a suburb of Elgin. Its population is increasing at a 0.08% annual rate. The population of Carpentersville is estimated to be 38,041 by the 2020 census.

Carpentersville is home to many people who are unemployed. The official unemployment rate is 26%. However, this figure is misleading because there are also people who are in the military and those who are not actively looking for work. So, you may want to look at the Labor Force Participation Rate instead. This will provide you with a more accurate picture of the unemployment rate in Carpentersville, IL. Browse next article

Carpentersville is located in Kane County, approximately 37 miles northwest of Chicago. It was first settled by brothers Daniel and Charles Carpenter in 1837. Later, the town was platted by Angelo Carpenter. By 1887, the town was incorporated. In the 1870s, Carpentersville was home to the Illinois Iron and Bolt Company and the Star Manufacturing Company, which produced agricultural machinery. During the late 1800s, many German and Polish immigrants made their homes in Carpentersville.

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